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Zaid Shakir

Imam Zaid Shakir' (Arabic: 'زيد شاكر, Zaid Shākir‎) is an African-American MuslimUnited States. In 2003, he moved to Hayward, California with his family to serve as a scholar-in-residence and lecturer at Zaytuna Institute where he now teaches regular courses on Arabic, Islamic Law, History, and Islamic Spirituality. He is one of the signatories of A Common Word Between Us and You, an open letter by Islamic scholars to Christian leaders, calling for peace and understanding. speaker and intellectual in the



[edit] Early life

Born in Berkeley, California, he accepted Islam in 1977 while serving in the United States Air Force, and shortly after changed his name to Zaid Salim Shakir. He obtained a BA with honors in International Relations at American University in Washington, D.C. and later earned his MA in Political Science at Rutgers University. While at Rutgers, he led a successful campaign for disinvestment from South Africa, and co-founded a local Islamic center, Masjid al-Huda.

After a year of studying Arabic in Cairo, Egypt, he settled in New Haven, Connecticut and continued his community activism, co-founding Masjid al-Islam, the Tri-State Muslim Education Initiative, and the Connecticut Muslim Coordinating Committee. As Imam of Masjid al-Islam from 1988 to 1994 he spear-headed a community renewal and grassroots anti-drug effort, and also taught political science and Arabic at Southern Connecticut State University.

[edit] Years Abroad

He then left for Syria to pursue his studies in the traditional Islamic sciences.For seven years in Syria, and briefly in Morocco, he immersed himself in an intense study of Arabic, Islamic law, Quranic studies, and spirituality with some of the top Muslim scholars of our age. In 2001, he graduated from Syria's prestigious Abu Noor University and returned to Connecticut, serving again as the Imam of Masjid al-Islam, and writing and speaking frequently on a host of issues.

Zaid Shakir is amongst the most respected and influential Islamic scholars in the West. As an American Muslim who came of age during the civil rights struggles, he has brought both sensitivity about race and poverty issues and scholarly discipline to his faith-based work.

He is a frequent speaker at local and national Muslim events and has emerged as one of the nation’s top Islamic scholars and a voice of conscience for American Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

[edit] Publications

[edit] Books authored

  • Agenda To Change Our Condition, (Co-authored with Sheikh Hamza Yusuf), 2007
  • Scattered Pictures: A Reflection of An American Muslim, 2005

[edit] Books translated with additions

  • Treatise For The Seekers of Guidance,(translation and commentary of Al-Muhasibi's Risala Al-Mustarshidin), 2008
  • The Heirs of the Prophets, 2000

[edit] Books which include his foreword or note

  • Empire and The Crescent, (contributed article Jehad as Perpetual War), 2004
  • Dear Self: A Year In The Life of A Welfare Mother, (wrote foreword), 2006
  • Submission, Faith and Beauty,(Co-edited with Sheikh Hamza Yusef, 2008* A Gathering of Voices on Caring For Creation, ( contributed article The Zaytuna Ruku Tree), 2008


  • Zaytuna Seasons Journal
  • Caesarean Moon Births

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