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Abdul Raheem Green

Abdul Raheem Green (also known as Abdur Rahim Green, Abdur Raheem GreenAbdul Rahim Green), formerly Anthony Green, born 1964 [1], is a Britishrevert" to Islam and Islamic lecturer. and "



[edit] Biography

Born in Dar-es-salaam in Tanzania to British parents [1], his father (born in England), Gavin Green, was a colonial administrator in the then extant British Empire. At an early age he moved back to the UK with his parents. His mother is of original Polish origin [2] [3].

At the age of ten[citation needed] he attended a Roman Catholic Monastic boarding school at Gilling Castle and then went onto Ampleforth College and went on to study history in the University of London. However, he left his education unfinished in an effort to devote himself to Islamic works.

He became dissatisfied with Christianity at the age of eight [1] [4] [2] [3].

Green researched and practiced many religions [5] [2] [3], including Buddhism[1] (for three years) before converting to Islam.

Whilst in Britain his father in 1976 began working for Barclays Bank International and was subsequently sent to Cairo, Egypt, to set up a branch of the bank there.

His study of the Qur'an immediately attracted him to Islam leading to his reversion in 1988. He has given Da'wah in Britain since then. [1] [6].

Green worked for five years in the London Central Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre as the Visits and English Dawa Co-ordinator, but now runs a consultancy, Green and Chambers Consulting, with his friend and fellow convert to Islam Yusuf Chambers, as well as making regular appearances on PeaceTV and Islam Channel.

[edit] Personal life

Green had two wives, now one, who is British-born Muslim of Pakistani origin and has eleven children. Whilst claiming two wives, Green was asked in an interview: Does not the British law prohibit bigamy? Green responded "It does. Yet several Britishers are bigamists. But those who practise bigamy can protect the second marriage under the provisions of 'common law wives'. Under this children out of such marriages are legitimate and wives inherit property."[7]

[edit] Recent activities

Currently, he is working with an Islamic media company based in England and engages himself in da’wah activities including lectures on Islam in London’s famous Hyde Park. He is well known for his efforts at the renowned "Speaker’s Corner" in London’s Hyde Park.[1] Green has starred many TV-shows on Peace TV, including Peace Missile. He often travels around the world on lecture tours. He was recently in 2008 in Canada holding lectures on different subjects. In 6th to the 7th march 2009, Abdur Raheem Green was on his first trip to Norway, joining up with Det Islamske Nettverk - Islam Net.[8] He gave three lectures; On Friday 6th of March he was speaking about "Does God Exist", and on Saturday 7th March he gave the lectures "How I came to Islam" and the "Islam the misunderstood religion" concluding the session.

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