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Zağanos Pasha

Zağanos Pasha was a prominent Ottoman military commander during the reign of Sultan Mehmet II.



He was one of the prominent Ottoman military commanders of Mehmet IIlala, at once an advisor, mentor, tutor, councillor, protector, for the sultan. (Mehmet the Conqueror) and a

A Christian Greek converted to Islam, He was the father in law of Sultan Mehmet II , he rose through the ranks of the Janissaries earning the title of Vizier.

Physical appearance

Zaganos was said to be a tall and intelligent man, coming from a respected and old family, who served the Seljuk and Ottoman Sultans many years. His grandfather was a Grand Vizier, and Zaganos was very proud of that.[citation needed]Siege of Constantinople. He was known for his warlike beliefs and played an important role in the

[edit] Military achievements

During the siege of Constantinople, Zağanos Pasha's troop was the first troop who managed to reach the towers. Ulubatlı Hasan was the first soldier of troops who reached to the tower. During the fall of Constantinople many of the sappers were placed under the rule of Zağanos Pasha. Mehmet took Zağanos' advice almost exclusively.

Mehmet II honoured him for his loyalty and honesty, along with the Sultan's two other Viziers, Halil Pasha and Sarica Pasha, by naming the three great towers of Rumeli Hisari after them. The tower to the south is named after Zağanos Pasha.


His mausoleum is located in Balıkesir in Zağanos Pasha Mosque.

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