Saturday, July 4, 2009

Vinnie Paz

Vincenzo Luvineri, better known as Vinnie Paz (also known as Ikon the Verbal Hologram), is an American rapper and the lyricist behind the Philadelphiaunderground hip hop group Jedi Mind Tricks. He is also a part of hip hop supergroup Army of the Pharaohs.

Originally taking the pseudonym of Ikon the Verbal Hologram, he later changed his name to Vinnie Paz (due to beef with Philadelphia battle emcee iCON the Mic King), after the Rhode Island boxer Vinny Paz. Paz originally started rapping with fellow Jedi Mind Tricks member Stoupe in his basement. Paz is known for his raw and gritty lyrical delivery. This is partly due to the metal plates inserted inside his mouth, visible in several videos, such as Heavy Metal Kings feat. Ill Bill. His lyrics focus on (but are not limited to) religion, personal despair, the government, war (examples: Iraq, Vietnam). His more recent albums such as Servants in Heaven Kings in Hell shows a more obvious approach to politics and world issues. This gritty style of Paz became apparent with the release of the now classic Violent by Design, and has gotten progressively more defined since its release. Vinnie Paz has a number of aliases, including Louie Doggs, Vinnie Vicious, The Pazmanian Devil, Frank Vinatra (as told in On the Eve of War with GZA), and Vin Laden.

Raised Catholic, Vinnie Paz now practices the Islamic faith.[1] He has also made several appearances on other artists' tracks, such as Canibus, Sabac Red, Pumpkinhead, and Block McCloud, to name a few.

Paz was instrumental in forming the Army of the Pharaohs, an underground, East Coast hip hop group featuring himself, Apathy, Celph Titled, Chief Kamachi, 7L & Esoteric, Planetary & Crypt the Warchild (Outerspace), King Syze, Faez One, Jus Allah, Doap Nixon, Reef the Lost Cauze and Des D, although not every artist is on every track.

Vinnie appeared on Percee P's 2007 release, Perseverance. Paz along with Guilty Simpson are featured on the track "Watch Your Step" which was also released as the albums first single, having an instrumental and a cappella version along with it.

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