Saturday, July 4, 2009

Suleiman Pasha

Suleiman Pasha (born Joseph Anthelme Sève, also known as Süleyman Paşa, Soliman Al Fransawi Pasha, or Colonel Sève; May or July 1788 - Cairo, March 12, 1860) was a French-born Egyptian commander. Colonel Sève should not be confused with Suleiman Pasha, a Turkish commander in the Russo-Turkish War, who lived in the same century.

[edit] Biography

Born in Lyon, he was an officer in the army of Napoleon Bonaparte who convertedIslam and was recruited to help build the Egyptian army on the European model. Suleiman Pasha died in Cairo. to

There is a statue of him in the Cairo Military Museum and a bust at the PréfectureQueen Nazli of Egypt, wife of King Fuad, and mother of King Farouk. in Lyon. His great-granddaughter was

As of 2003, he still had many descendants living in Egypt.

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