Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sheila Musaji

Sheila Musaji is the founder and editor of The American Muslim quarterly journal (1989-1995),[1] the Muslim Resource Directory of America (1990,1992), and most recently The American Muslim online publication (since 2001).

Sheila Musaji is an active voice in the Islamic and interfaith communities, and involves herself with a large number of organizations, projects, and events. In the past she has been one of the American delegates to the second annual International Muslim Women's Conference in Khartoum, Sudan; the first Muslim Baccalaureate speaker at Amherst College, Massachusetts; the coordinator of the First North American Muslim Pow Wow in Abiquiu, New Mexico; and a participant in the Parliament for the World's Religions in Chicago.

She is the author of numerous articles about Islam in America and speaks often at churches, schools, service organizations and synagogues about Islam. She is a member of the Board of Directors for generation Islam.

Sheila Musaji called for dialogue between Muslims and Christians after Pope Benedict made remarks considered offensive by many Muslims.[2]

Musaji criticized Pipes' blacklisting of academic professors for criticizing Israel, defending academic freedom in universities.

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