Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ryan G. Anderson

Ryan Gibson Anderson (born 1978), is an American convicted of attempting to engage in espionage for al-Qaeda[1] Anderson lived in Everett, Washington where he attended Cascade High School. He then attended Washington State UniversityMiddle Eastern military history ; he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and studied degree in 2002.

Anderson was a Specialist (E-4) in the U.S. 81st Armored Brigade of the United States Army National Guard, he was caught in an FBI sting operation, resulting in his arrest on February 12, 2004. Anderson was a tank crew member, training with his unit at Fort Lewis near Tacoma, Washington.

Having converted to Islam five years earlier, Anderson adopted the name Amir Abdul Rashid.[1]Prior to his capture, Anderson was caught on a surveillance tape, when he said the following: "I wish to desert from the U.S. Army. I wish to defect from the United States. I wish to join al-Qaeda, train its members and conduct terrorist attacks." [2]

He was arrested 12 February 2004 after a joint investigation by the United States Army, United States Justice Department, and FBI. They monitored his online activities, such as logging onto extremist Internet chat rooms, trying to get in touch with al-Qaeda operatives, and offering the organization information on United States military capabilities and weaponry. Shortly before his arrest, Anderson was recorded on video surveillance providing tactical information on methods of killing US troops and destroying tanks to undercover agents posing as al-Qaeda operatives.

On 2 September 2004, a military jury found Anderson guilty of five counts of attempting to aid and provide intelligence to the enemy. In his defense, Anderson's lawyers made an insanity plea, offering medical testimony that he suffered from bipolar disorder and Asperger's syndrome. They also claimed that he used role-playing to create structure in his life, therefore inducing him into the entrapment created by the authorities. He was given a demotion to the rank of private, a dishonorable discharge, and sentenced to life imprisonment, with the possibility of eligibility for parole.

Shannen Rossmiller, a city judge in Conrad, Montana and member of 7seas, is credited with obtaining the information that led to Anderson's capture, after she used the moniker akagunfighter in an Islamist chatroom[3]. Anderson had used the eMail address[4]

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