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Rustie Lee

Rustie Lee is a television chef and actress in the United Kingdom, most famous for her appearing in the 1980s on morning station, TV-am.[1] She was born in Jamaica, but moved to Birmingham with her family as a child. Following her successful stint as a chef on TV-am in 1983, Lee took over from Sarah Kennedy on the second, less successful, incarnation of ITV gameshow Game for a Laugh.[citation needed] She also embarked on a brief singing career.[citation needed]

In 2004 Lee appeared on Living's I'm Famous and Frightened! 2, a reality showparanormal activity, guided by a medium. Viewers voted for their favourite and the celebrities were voted off one by one. Lee won the series showing a keen interest in the tasks and occasional emotional involvement, giving detailed and varied accounts of how she felt at certain points.[citation needed] featuring a number of celebrities staying in a castle over a weekend, taking part in various challenges and looking for



[edit] Politics

[edit] General Election contested

Date of election Constituency Party Votes %
2005 Wyre Forest UKIP 1,074 2.3

[edit] Acting career

In 2008, Lee briefly joined the cast of EastEnders as Gus Smith's aunt Opal,[4] and it proved a huge hit with her fanbase following. She was also in Britain's Got the Pop Factor.

Lee is also a popular figure on Virgin Radio particularly on the Geoff Lloyd show. He has interviewed her on numerous occasions.[citation needed] She is said to be lined up with Paul Daniels and Todd Carty to play the voice of the Gatekeeper in the new updated CGI series of Wizbit, due to be aired 2008/2009.[citation needed]

She is standing for the UK Independence Party in the 2009 European Elections in the UK's West Midlands region. She is number 4 on the list of six candidates.

[edit] Trivia

  • Rustie Lee has written a book called A Taste of the Caribbean.
  • Rustie Lee's Uncle Frank was the Maternal Grandfather of Bolton Wanderers' footballer Ricardo Gardner.

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